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Keravnos Law

Criminal Law

Keravnos Law Firm deals with all areas of criminal law, from driving offences to representation of individuals that have been charged, with what may be a life altering, criminal charges.

Our Firm specializes in case related with drug charges (drug possession or drug trafficking), personal injury cases, drunk driving, theft crimes, criminal defense, probation violations, illegal immigrations, G.B.H, sex crimes, white collar crimes, domestic violence and much more.

Our aim is to obtain an acquittal or dismissal of charges, where it is possible, or obtain a favorable plea bargain where there is no alternative.

Our Firm offer services for the following:

  • Criminal Defence
  • Offences against Public Order
  • Offences against the Exercise of Legitimate Authority
  • Offences that are detrimental to the Public in General
  • Offences against the Person
    • Duties concerning the Maintenance of Life and Health
    • Criminal Offences that endanger the Life or Health
    • Criminal Recklessness and Negligence
    • Assault
    • Criminal Offences against Personal Freedom
    • ABH, GBH
  • Offences against Property
    • Theft
    • Criminal Offences akin to Theft
    • Criminal Illegal Entry
    • Robbery and Extortion
    • Burglary during the Night, Burglary and similar Offences
    • False Pretenses
    • Receiving Stolen Goods
    • Fraud of Trustees and other Persons in Positions of Confidence, and False Accounts
    • Usury and Profiteering
  • Malicious Damage to Property
  • Forgery, Coining Counterfeiting, Similar Criminal Offences and Impersonation
  • Attempts and Conspiracies to commit Crimes
  • Lesser Crimes
  • Serious Crimes
    • Actual Bodily Harm (ABH)
    • Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH)
    • Fraud
  • Other Miscellaneous criminal charges