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Keravnos Law

Employment Law

Employment lawyers of our Firm work with and consult both employers and individuals in Cyprus.

We advise on all employment matters from analysis and interpretation of the Cyprus Employment law, employment agreements, employer-employee relationship breakdown and termination of employment to more complex issues, such as restrictive employment contracts and agreements, redundancy related matters and Court disputes (Industrial Disputes Court).

We, at Keravnos Law Firm are dedicated onto fulfilling all requirements that an employment law lawyer should be backed up with, for your own best interests, whether you are an employee or an employer. Employment law is an area that requires particular expertise, experience and awareness on a number of factors.

We further assist overseas companies in Cyprus or Cyprus companies employing non-EU nationals, on their work permit and labor office issues.

More specifically we can assist you on to the following relevant issues:

  • Contracts and Agreements
    • Formation, administration, execution
    • Review of existing contracts
    • Interpretation
  • Employment Applications
  • Employment Termination
  • Compensation Claims
    • Wage Payment Programmes
    • Labour Law Compliance
  • Employer Obligations/Decisions
  • Wage payment
  • Employee evaluation, suspension, termination(Collective) Redundancies and Reorganization Programmes
  • Employee Benefits
    • Share Option Schemes
    • Sharesave Schemes
    • Bonus/Commission Schemes
  • Work Accidents
    • Legal Opinion/Advice
    • Insurance Claims
  • Dispute Resolution
    • ADR (Mediation, Negotiation)
    • Litigation