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Keravnos Law

Firm Profile

Located at the heart of Larnaca - Cyprus, Keravnos Law Firm runs a course of legal practice blended with knowledge and passion, merged with the commitment and the ethos of our legal personnel. Backed by unbending principles, as integrity, quality, ethics and honor, the Firm has led to a legal practice of the highest standard.

We are committed in providing our clients with legal representation and advice of the utmost quality, for all legal issues addressed both in and out of court. We apply zeal, passion and devotion in addressing our clients' individual legal concerns while we remain prudent of what is reasonable and viable under the circumstances.

We believe that clients' success determines our own. So we ensure both, by collaborating with our clients to achieve their goals. Our primary mission is to build exceptional working relationships with our clients. By doing so, we are able to develop a deeper understanding of our clients’ businesses, provide commercially astute, innovative advice and create better business outcomes for our clients. The firm’s clients are guaranteed continuous and tailored support combined with a positive and constructive approach and an ability to solve complex legal and tax problems in a business oriented mentality.

We are able to provide you high quality legal services with integrity, professionalism and respect for our clients and the law. Simultaneously we maintain a cost-conscious perspective while our main objective, the achievement of the best and most effective outcome possible, is en route.

In pursuit of our mission we shall respect and hold strong on our goals: Excellence, Trust and Professionalism.