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Inheritance and succession Law

The law of succession and inheritance in Cyprus is regulated by a number of statutes, the chief of which are the Administration of Estates Law and Wills and Succession Law. In Cyprus, unlike many other countries, one may not exclude completely from his will his/her spouse and/or children. There are statutory restrictions on someone´s freedom of testamentary disposition.

At the same time Cyprus offers a reliable and popular solution for foreign nationals who wish to freely administer their estate, that being the Cyprus International Trust. A more detailed description of Cyprus International Trusts and their use can be found here.

Keravnos Law Firm has a great experience in setting up Cyprus trusts and dealing with inheritance matters; in particular with drafting of wills, execution of wills, letters of administration and probate applications and resealing of probates and letters of administration.

Keravnos Law Firm can give you legal advices of the highest standard over the following:

  • Trusts/Settlements
    • Formation, administration, execution
    • Tax matters
    • Interpretation
  • Trustees/Beneficiaries
    • Advice on rights and obligations
  • Fiduciary Services
    • Trusteeship
    • Escrow
  • Dispute Resolution
    • ADR (Mediation, Negotiation)
    • Litigation